Genealogy By Anne
Cash, Donald, Feazell, Gillespie, Hash, Mitchell, Wallace, Weinzettell Family History

William GILLESPIE, Amherst, Virginia, 1753-1794

Abt 1753
Birth of WILLIAM GILLESPIE, s/o GEORGE GILLESPIE and MARY MOORE in Albemarle, VA; date is estimated
abt 1777
William GILLESPIE, age 25, son of George GILLESPIE and Mary MOORE married Nancy Ann HUDSON, age unknown, d/o Joshua HUDSON and Mary TERRELL.
20 Apr 1781
Josiah and Rhoda Wood, Amherst County to William Gillespie, Amherst County for 30,000 pounds of tobacco, 305 acres. Lines: Samuel STAPLES, William LOVING. Witnesses: William POWELL, William WALTON, George GILLESPIE.
15 Nov 1783
William GILLESPIE, Amherst County sold to Peter Carter for 10,000 pounds of tobacco, a slave, Gloucester, about 19; Witnessed by : William WALTON, Sherod Moore GILLESPIE, Thomas WALTON
12 Oct 1784
William and Nancy Gillespie, Amherst County sold to William Loving for 140 pounds, 305 acres N branch Rucker’s Run. Lines: John STAPLES, LOVING, old line. Bought by grantor of Josiah WOOD; Witnessed by : Peter CARTER, Henry PAYTON, and Charles STEWARD.
(I believe from what I have read that after this sale that William and Nancy moved to Madison Kentucky. William was delivering mail between Kentucky and Charlottesville so he is back in Amherst a bit. -- Bailey Fulton Davis)
28 Oct 1784
Joseph and Nelly EDWARDS, Amherst County sold to Phillip THURMOND, for 300 pounds, 331 acres on the north fork of the Horsley; Lines: Col. MILSTREAD and 450 acres on Horsley; Lines: Nicholas CABELL, Joseph MILSTREAD; Witnessed by No. PARKS, William GILLESPIE, William THURMOND, Sherod Moore GILLESPIE, Isaac WRIGHT, John POWELL
22 Oct 1794
William Gillespie was shot and killed in a duel in Paint Lick, Garrard, KY. He was 41 years old.

Joshua Hudson, father of Nancy Ann Hudson

WILLIAM PENN of Amherst County sold to JOSHUA HUDSON of St. Thomas Parish, Orange Co, for 100 pounds, 173 acres. Lines: GALBRIEL PENN, JOHN BANGER, top of Turkey Mt. Witnesses: GABRIEL PENN, RICHARD GATEWOOD, JOHN ROWSEY
In his book, Deeds of Amherst County, Bailey Fulton Davis makes this note along with this deed: JOSHUA HUDSON had a large family as shown by his will here. One daughter, NANCY ANN – called NANCY and ANN in various data – married here in 1777 WILLIAM GILLESPIE. They removed to Madison Co, KY, and GILLESPIE was killed there in a duel. They had a daughter, MARY ANN, who married HENDERSON THURMAN and my wife, MILDRED MILLER DAVIS, is a descendant of this couple. The HUDSON family is very large in present Amherst and one of the still owns land on Turkey Mt. I have located the site of the old home and graveyard. Joshua married MARY TERRELL, but we have no record save mention of her in will in Orange of RO. TERRELL who was her father. We have recently been able to trace the HUDSON family back to the Eastern shore via WESTMORELAND HUDSON who stemmed from the shore.